Hairstyles With Fascinators

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A fascinator is a headpiece that acts as an accent in the hair. Feathers and flower accessories are facinators. They have made a huge comeback along with other retro styles. They attach to a comb inserted into the hair or on a headband. You can wear a fascinator with any hairstyle, and with some hairstyles they work very well. Where you place the fascinator really depends on how big it is and the hairstyle you are wearing. Be sure to experiment to find the right area to place it.


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A chignon is a formal hairstyle, so this would do best at a black-tie event. To create a chignon, pull your hair into a low ponytail, smoothing out the top of the hair and the sides with pomade. Part your ponytail into three separate sections, tucking each section under itself to create a loop. Secure each section with bobby pins. Add the fascinator on the side of the chignon.

Deep Part Bun

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Another simple yet stunning hairstyle is a low bun with a deep side-part. To do this, deep side-part your hair, and then gather all the ends very low at the nape of the neck. Secure with a clear hair tie. Twist the ends until they begin to ravel around themselves and create a bun. Allow this to happen. After creating the bun, bobby pin it into place securely. Add the fascinator to the side about 2 inches from the hairline.

Upswept Updo

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If you're looking for glamour, try an upswept updo. Pull your hair back into a ponytail that sits just above the crown of the head. Leave a good section of your hair (about the first 3 inches from your hairline) in the front out. If you have bangs, leave those out as well. After securing the ponytail, create a bun. Next, side part the front, loose section, and sweep it back. Secure it under the bun with bobby pins. Place the fascinator on the side of the head about 3 inches from the hairline.

Scrunched Updo

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This is a messy do that looks good with a feathered fascinator. Add mousse to wet hair and blow-dry with your head flipped upside down as you "scrunch" the hair to create a wavy, curly pattern. Once the hair is dry, hairspray it. Next, sweep it back to the crown of your head, catching it in the hair tie to create a messy loop. Pull pieces of your hair forward to create a loose updo. Add the fascinator toward the back of the head, but still on the side.

Beachy Waves

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If you want to keep your hair down but still look fabulous, try loose waves. Wrap 1-inch sections of hair around a medium-barrel curling iron for 30 to 45 seconds. Do not clamp down on the hair; instead hold the tips to keep it curled around the barrel. Repeat this around the entire head. Next, run your fingers through the curls to create waves. Be sure to spray with hairspray to secure.

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