Good Men's Haircuts for Thinning Crowns

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Whether you've been battling baldness for years or have just started to notice some sparseness around the temples, thinning hair can be an emotional experience for many men. To combat this natural aging process, some men hold fast to the hairstyles of their youth. Instead, men with thinning hair should embrace their scalp-to-hair ratio and pursue a look that is distinguished and confident.

Short Layers

If you're thinning along the crown but still have hair elsewhere, keep your locks cropped short with shaggy, uneven layers. This messy look will help disguise any patchy areas while still looking youthful and fun. Stay away from hair gel, as it will make the hairs stick together and allow too much of your scalp to peek through. To control flyaways and achieve a disheveled, mussed look, use a lightweight styling cream or lotion.

The Donut

Men who have lost their hair on both the crown and the top but don't want to shave their head can sport a ring of hair that wraps around the head from ear to ear, sometimes called a "power donut." Keep the remaining hair tidy to best carry out this look. This easy style is great for men who aren't fretting about their failing follicles and prefer a more natural look.


While growing out thinning hair will make it even thinner, buzzing it down very short will make it look thicker and healthier. A buzz cut is great for men with sparse crowns or temples, and will give a hard-to-manage mane some well-needed edgy style. This cut is also easy to achieve and care for, and works well for an array of hair types.

Clean Shaven

Men who aren't afraid to make a statement should consider shaving all of their hair off for a clean, completely bald look. Do this at home by buzzing your hair to stubble, then shaving the stubble as you would your face -- with shaving cream and a razor. If you find the completely bald look is too severe, balance the look with some well-groomed facial hair.