Good Group Date Ideas at Night for Teens

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Going on a date can be nerve-racking. A group date with friends can help ease the butterflies in your stomach so you can get to know your date without the awkward silences. If you’re on a budget, a group date is also a great way to add fun and creativity to a night out with someone special without blowing all your cash.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

On a photo scavenger hunt group date, the couples divide into teams, find predetermined items and take pictures of them with a digital camera or a camera phone. Each couple can make up a team or you can do boys versus girls. The location of the scavenger hunt can be at any place that’s open to the public in the evening, like a mall or carnival. Before the date, make a list of items for each team to find. For example, if the scavenger hunt is at a mall, have the teams find and take pictures of the ugliest sweater in a certain department store, a guy wearing a tiara, the brightest pair of sneakers, the best sample offered in the food court or the strangest children’s toy. Have the teams regroup by a certain time, like 15 minutes before the mall closes, and compare photos over ice cream.


Get together for a little friendly competition with your date and friends with a bowling match. Play by the normal rules or make the game more interesting by making up your own. For instance, the team that has the most pins standing after each player’s turn, not counting gutter balls, wins. Complete the experience with food from the concession stand, like pizza, nachos and soda.

'Brunch' and a Movie

Dinner and a movie can be expensive. Do a twist on this theme and go out to “brunch” with your date and a group of friends at an inexpensive restaurant that serves pancakes at all hours and have breakfast for dinner. After “brunch,” catch a movie at a local budget theater so you can take advantage of the less expensive movie tickets.

Picnic on the Lawn

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun with your friends and a date. Plan a potluck picnic at your home or the house of one of the group date members. For this group date, each couple is responsible for bringing a certain type of food. You and your date bring the sandwiches while the other couples bring the dessert, chips and drinks. With a parent’s permission, fire up the grill and roast some hot dogs and hamburgers instead of eating sandwiches. If one of the group members has a projector, hang a white sheet in the backyard and watch a couple of movies outside. Otherwise, have a mini movie marathon inside after the picnic or play some of your favorite board games.