What Goes With a Women's Pinstripe Suit?

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As fashion changes, so do women's pinstripe suit styles. Whether you choose a roomy or tailored fit, the dependable pinstripe generally exudes a sense of confidence. This pattern type usually has a two-tone color scheme, and is often associated with corporate or banker style dressing. Your trusty pinstripe suit may not seem like the most exciting or fashion-forward piece in your wardrobe, but by learning to style it you can add a personal flair. Whether you choose dress shirt details, accessories, or footwear, accentuating your style will definitely get you noticed.

What to Wear Under There

Taking off your jacket during the workday can get a bit sticky if you are not wearing an office-appropriate blouse or dress shirt. So the next time a store clerk suggests to put a sexy camisole or sleeveless top under your pinstripe suit, choose a short- or long- sleeved blouse with a decorative neckline, such as a stand collar -- referred to as mandarin. You can also wear collars that sit on the suit's lapels with decorative borders or edging -- matching piping or a mini-ruffle. As a styling alternative in a relaxed business setting, add a bit of color by wearing a floral-printed blouse underneath your pinstripe suit. If you want to go from day to night, just remove the blouse and create a modest neckline with a decorative fabric insert.

Job Ready Accessories

If you are on your way to the all-important job interview, wear subtle accessories. Get your skills noticed and not your fashion sense pairing a pearl necklace with your pinstripe suit. This timeless accessory can never steer you wrong and generally coordinates with just about any pinstripe suit color and silhouette. If you want to add a bit of color to a dark navy pinstripe, wear a brooch in a teal or purple, or don a printed neck scarf. As a styling alternative, make a bold statement wearing a chain-link necklace with a modern, charcoal gray, pinstripe suit in an extended-length silhouette.

Spicy Footwear

Since pinstripe patterns generally denote a serious tone, add a bit of spice with your footwear. Don't be afraid to pair nude pumps with a charcoal gray or black pinstripe. You can also pair your pinstripe suit with kitten-heeled mules, keeping the closed-toe footwear silhouette for the office. Since this shoe style comes in a variety of options, choose a closed-toe style with decorative cutouts for warmer months. Change out the backless style for ankle booties during the fall. Just use your fashion common sense when selecting footwear according to your particular office guidelines.

Haute Handbags

Get yourself noticed in the boardroom by pairing handbags, briefcases and techie accessories with your suit. Add a punch of bright orange by combining a small leather wallet with a black pinstripe suit. Take out files or paperwork from a patent-leather, zippered folder in jewel tones. Leave your daily handbags and over-sized beach totes at home and sport a smart-looking leather briefcase that can carry all of your necessary gadgets.