Gifts for a Boss Who Is Leaving

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When your boss leaves your company, you might want to throw a farewell party, complete with a specially-designed cake and a going-away present. Find a gift which caters to his new job, celebrates his old one or simply helps him enjoy time away from the office. If you want to buy your boss a high ticket item, ask the entire office to help split the cost.

Pampering Sessions

Treat your boss to a day of pampering and relaxation sessions. Provide her with a spa gift card, giving her the option to choose from a host of treatments, such as massages, pedicures, manicures and a steam room or whirlpool soak. Search for a spa that also offers a lap pool or yoga and Pilates classes. Include an at-home spa kit consisting of a robe, slippers and handheld massager. For the ultimate in relaxation, book a stay for your boss at a nearby bed and breakfast facility or a historic hotel.


Customized or personalized jewelry serves as a sentimental going-away present for your boss. For men, present him with an engraved gold watch featuring the name of the business and his dates with the company. An antique hanging watch offers an added touch of elegance. Women will enjoy a silver or marcasite watch, as well as a necklace outfitted with a locket or pendant, complete with a similar engraving. Place the items in a personalized jewelry box featuring her engraved name or initials.

Office Supplies

Help your boss get a fresh start at his new job with a host of high-end office supplies. Assemble an office-themed kit featuring an elegant desk set lined with gold, silver, brass, bronze or ivory, and outfitted with such matching items as letter trays, pencil holders, tape dispensers and desk pads. Also include objects such as personalized stationary, an engraved pen set and a name plate displaying his new job title. Top the gift with a personalized frame for his new office featuring a message of thanks for his time with the company.