Gift Ideas for Tenants

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Landlords appreciate tenants that take excellent care of rental property. They appreciate rent paid on time, maintenance issues reported in a timely manner or maintenance the tenant is willing to do rather than bother the landlord or maintenance staff. Landlords may reward good tenants when it comes time to renew the lease. This encourages longevity and tenant cooperation and goodwill.

Holiday Meal

When you make your Christmas holiday meal plans, pick up an extra turkey or ham for your tenant and some holiday fixings such as cans of green beans and corn. Toss in some holiday decorations such as paper bells and garland. Add a card with a $10 or $20 bill and wrap it for immediate delivery. Drop the gift off yourself and wish your tenant "Happy Holidays and thanks for being a great tenant."

Gift Card

The landlord could issue a gift card to tenants for Christmas. Gift cards to Walmart, Target or a local grocery store or a generic Visa card allow tenants to purchase anything they want. The landlord might ask tenants which type of gift card they wish, thus giving them more choice of how the gift is spent. Amounts could vary according to how long the tenant has been renting from the landlord or how well the tenant cares for the property. You could provide gift cards for carpet cleaning, apartment cleaning and other one-time service items.

Prepackaged Gifts

If you have many tenants, give gifts that can be purchased prepackaged and delivered in bulk. Such items include fruit baskets, cheese and wine baskets, flower arrangements, popcorn tins and small potted plants. Add a thank-you card from from you and the office staff to each gift and an invitation to call if the tenant has concerns or needs.

Easy Home-Repair Kit

Provide tenants with an easy home repair kit. Include a set of screwdrivers, sticky tab picture hooks, a set of Allen wrenches, a toilet plunger and a pair of pliers. Include a gift card to Home Depot, Lowe's or other local hardware store for $25. Add a list of when to fix it yourself and when to call for maintenance such as rehang the cabinet door and replace vertical blinds yourself but call maintenance for broken pipes and windows. Finish up your kit with a magnetic note pad or current calendar that lists the after-hours number for your maintenance service.

Tenant Party

For apartment complex tenants, the landlord could throw a party for the complex residents and include food and drinks. The party encourages residents to get to know one another and to see the complex as a community that works together. In appropriate weather, the complex could hold the party outside and showcase new flowers and landscaping and other apartment complex improvements. Complex staff can serve the residents and survey residents for improvement suggestions and concerns.