Gift for a Man Who Lost a Loved One

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When someone loses a loved one, there are a variety of things you can do to express your sympathy. This often includes buying them a gift. If the person who is grieving is a man, it can be difficult sometimes to find an appropriate gift. When making your selection, try to look for things that can bring memories of the one they lost, or provide comfort, or serve some type of need while they are grieving.


Food is one of the most common things to bring to someone who has just lost a loved one. This can especially be convenient for a man who doesn't do a lot of cooking anyway, and certainly doesn't want to be worrying about cooking during this difficult time. You can buy ready-made food baskets with items such as fruit, cheese, crackers and baked goods, or you can even bake a casserole that can be frozen and re-heated, or some type of dessert. Vegetable trays and sandwich trays are other options that can be kept in the fridge and used as needed.


Plants are another option to give a man who has lost a loved one. Where flowers may be more appropriate for a female, a plant is perfect for either gender and can help to bring some life and color to a room. There are many plants to choose from and you can even place a memorial cross in the soil or an angel figurine.


Photos are another gift idea that can be given to a grieving man to serve as a memorial to the one he lost. You can even make a collage using several photos of the deceased loved one. You can also place the photos in a memorial frame that has been engraved with the name, birth date and date of passing, or a favorite comforting phrase.

Memorial Stones

Memorial stones are a popular sympathy gift and can be appropriate for a grieving man. These stones resemble decorative stepping stones and are perfect for yards, flower beds, or just to line the sidewalk. They usually have been engraved with comforting phrases and can also be customized with names, birth dates, dates of passing and designs such as angels or crosses.