Generation X Fashions & Hairstyles

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Generation X is comprised of individuals born after the baby boomer generation, generally considered to be between 1965 and 1979. They were the first to experience new technologies that included home video game consoles and personal computers, and perhaps because of their perceived laid-back persona, generally have a more casual approach to appearance than their predecessors.

The Hair

Generation Xers have a wide range of hairstyles to suit their tastes. Some favor edgy haircuts that are spiky and held in place by stiff gel, or mohawks that seem to defy gravity. Others may prefer adding streaks of vibrant colors such as electric blue, lime or red to stand out. More subdued Generation X’ers--those who are conservative and probably work in an office environment--tend to gravitate to simpler hairstyles, such as sleek ponytails and stick-straight hair for women and closely cropped, neat cuts for men. Either way, they don’t have the desire to spend hours of their time primping their hair, and prefer to have a look that says their style came naturally and effortlessly.

The Relaxed

There is no one box where Generation Xers' sense of fashion can be placed. Many individuals favor a relaxed look--deconstructed or skinny-legged jeans, slouchy tops (or fitted tops featuring a favorite band), and canvas "kicks"--known to the rest of the world as sneakers. Accessories can include a loosely tied scarf around their necks, crocheted beret caps for women and large bracelets, rings and necklaces that make artsy statements.

The Preppy

On the other end of the spectrum you can find preppy office-ready looks that include polo shirts, khakis and skirts with dramatic prints on them. For women, heels can range from short kitten heels to vampy four-inch stilettos. Men stick with neutrally colored loafers.


The vintage look has also seen a resurgence thanks in part to local consignment stores and boutiques, where you can find anything from bowling shirts and corduroy pants to 1950s style dresses with full, billowing skirts.

The Influence

There are many factors that can influence how a Generation X personality dresses. One can be a favorite celebrity. They can get ideas from those who may not even be Generation Xers, but exude the confidence and style that they’d like to emulate. Whether they’re looking online at their favorite blog or watching an entertainment television show, there is no shortage of inspiration. Also, they look to their friends and the community that they hang out in. Even if the other person they admire is wearing something that’s outrageous, an addition that is similar, such as an antique ring or headband, can be incorporated into their look to add something unique to an otherwise ordinary outfit.