Fun Ways to Give Gifts

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Giving is better than receiving, especially when you are giving a gift in a fun, creative way. Whether you are giving a gift that is big, small or in the form of money, there is a way to impress the recipient with your gift wrapping or gift giving skills.

Giving Money

Give the gift that can be used however your recipient pleases. Money makes the ideal gift, especially when you do not know what to give. Present the cash or check to someone in an eye-pleasing fashion. Put the money inside a nontraditional gift box such as a box for a deck of cards, small cereal box or tissue box. Another option is to slide the money into a piece of clothing or accessory like a pair of gloves, slippers, shoes, sock or a hat. If you are feeling ambitious, learn how to fold the dollar bill into an origami shape such as a butterfly or flower.

Giving Gift Cards

Give a gift card with attractive presentation. Put the gift card in an object like a coffee mug filled with coffee beans or candies. Many stores sell ornaments around the holidays that provide a slot for gift cards. For a child, consider giving the gift card in the pouch of a kangaroo stuffed animal. A gift card to a home store like Bed Bath and Beyond can be placed in the pocket of an apron or inside an oven mitt.

Scavenger Hunt

Build the anticipation of receiving your gift by sending your friend or loved one on an exciting scavenger hunt. Start by giving the recipient one clue that leads to more. Clues can be hidden throughout your home, workplace or all around an entire city. The clues can take your friend to his favorite places. You can also keep the clues related to a specific holiday or occasion you are honoring. You can have gifts for him at the location of each clue or have one gift for him at the end of the scavenger hunt.

Nesting Dolls or Boxes

Make your gift recipient work for her gift by placing the gift inside a variety of nesting dolls or boxes. Place a small gift inside each nesting doll of a set or put one gift inside the smallest doll of the set. The same idea can be applied to gift boxes that nest inside one another. Wrap a gift inside each decorated box or wrap empty boxes and put one main gift in the final, smallest box that is housed inside all of the others.