Free Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas

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If you're hosting a baby shower, you have a lot of things to plan and organize. Check the baby shower party favors off your list with a few ideas for DIY baby shower party favors. Make your own baby shower favors for free and you will save money and impress your guests with your creativity at the same time.

Cutout Cookies

Use cutout cookies shaped like circles for your baby showers. As soon as you take the cookies out of the oven, stick a long lollipop stick in each one so that as the dough finishes cooking it will form itself around the stick and hold it in place. Ice the cookies in the colors that match your baby shower decor and wrap each one with colorful cellophane tied with ribbon. Stick some floral foam in the bottom of a few decorative buckets and place the lollipop sticks in the foam to hold them up. Guests can grab a cookie lollipop on the way out of the party to remind them of the sweet times they had at the baby shower.

Candy Bar Wrappers

Print your own candy bar wrappers on your computer's word processing program. Set the size of each label to be the same as the outer wrapper from a chocolate bar. Print the labels using pink or blue paper for a boy or a girl and include a note that thanks your guests for attending the shower. Print the labels and wrap each one around a chocolate bar, securing it with tape in the back of the candy. Give them to your guests as they leave to thank them for being so sweet to the new mommy.

Soap Flowers

Purchase green washcloths and flower-shaped, scented soaps, one per guest. Wrap the washcloth around the soap like leaves enclosing the flower, and tie with ribbon. When the guests unwraps her flower, it will look like the soap has blossomed out of the wash cloth. This is a gift that reminds the guest to take time to pamper herself after she has worked so hard to do something nice for the expectant mother and the new baby.

Bun in the Oven

Bake cinnamon rolls or hot crossed buns in individual cupcake wrappers. Wrap each one in cellophane and give it to the guests as they leave the party. These gifts play on the idea of a "bun in the oven." The guest of honor has one, and now all of the other guests can, too. This idea, from, is a handmade way to show your guests that you appreciate their attendance at the shower so much that you baked them an extra special treat.