Dinner Engagement Ideas

Photo by Boy27wonder, http://www.flickr.com/photos/azchristopher/160087231/

Proposing to your loved one is one of the most important days of your life, so naturally, you want it to be perfect. Creating that perfect proposal all begins with one great idea on how to present the ring and ask the big question: Will you marry me? One popular engagement idea is proposing over dinner. There are many creative ways to propose over dinner aside from the cliché ring-in-the-dessert proposal. You can have a creative, classy proposal that your future spouse will remember forever.


After you've bought the ring and chosen the day to propose, you should call the restaurant in advance and tell them your plan. You can ask for a secluded table, a table with a view, or even the table you sat at for your first date. This will help things run smoothly and relieve your stress leading up to the big night. Also, if you are seated in the middle of the restaurant, your proposal is sure to attract attention. Unless you want everyone in the restaurant involved, a corner table will keep your proposal private and intimate.


Most people seem to save their proposal for the end of the meal. However, this leaves them nervous and fidgety throughout dinner, which is something your significant other may notice. If you are comfortable, you can also propose at the beginning of the meal. That way, you can enjoy your meal and time together, and celebrate with a toast over dinner. Just wait until you have given your order, so that the waitstaff doesn't interrupt the big moment. Another thing to consider is when you actually go to dinner. It is likely that you both will want to contact friends and family members once you become engaged, so plan the meal at a time when everyone is awake and available to chat, paying special attention to different time zones.

Write It

Using the written word to propose is an original, romantic way to pop the question, and you can do this in a variety of ways. One method is to go to the restaurant beforehand and ask for a menu. Then, write or type your proposal on a separate sheet of paper and tape it inside. You could also write it directly on the menu, or type it using the same font. Make sure the host that night knows to give your significant other that exact menu. Another way to write your proposal is to ask the restaurant to write it in icing on a cake or desert, or buy a cake or dessert from a bakery with the words written on top. Have your server bring it out when you order dessert and set it in front of your significant other. After it's been read, you can get down on one knee and present the ring.

Toast It

Arrange for the restaurant to tie the ring around the neck of the bottle using a ribbon or piece of string. If you are not comfortable asking the staff to do this, you can excuse yourself to "go to the bathroom" and do it yourself right before the bottle is served. You could even print a special label online with a picture of you and your significant other and the words "Will You Marry Me?" You can order a custom label online, put it on your own wine or champagne bottle ahead of time, and ask the restaurant to use this specific wine bottle when you order wine for dinner.

Say It

Don't think that you must propose in an extraordinary way for your significant other to be happy. Simply speaking the words is just as romantic and memorable as arranging an over-the-top proposal. Wait until the timing is right, and then tell that special person that you want the two of you to be together for the rest of your life. You can ask the question over dessert, meat loaf or earlier in the meal. This is just as romantic as any special arrangements you make.