Cute Way to Ask My Girlfriend to Her Senior Prom

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No longer content with a simple "Hey, want go to prom?" type of invitation, teens are turning to clever, quirky or humorous ways to ask a friend to this special high school event. This increasingly common trend even has a name: "promposal." Use your imagination and your knowledge of your girlfriend and her interests to come up with a prom invitation that will knock her off her feet.

Established Relationships

Just because you and your girlfriend have been dating for a while, doesn't mean you should assume she knows you are going to prom together. She still probably expects you to invite her. Keep the fun and magic in your relationship by coming up with an invitation that is meaningful to the two of you. If you both love movies, make a short video with clips of favorite characters asking her to go to the prom with you. Alternatively, take her to your favorite restaurant and arrange with the staff to "serve" your hand-written prom invitation with her dinner.

Romantic Appeal

If your girlfriend is a die-hard romantic, incorporate music, flowers or elegant flourishes into your prom invitation. Show up in a tuxedo with flowers in hand and regale her with a romantic serenade that incorporates your invitation. Send a bouquet of her favorite flowers or a lovable stuffed animal carrying a glittery, hand-written note from you inviting her to the prom. If she's a chocolate lover, buy a box of her favorite chocolates or a big chocolate heart, then use gel icing to spell out "will you go to prom with me?" on the candy. Create an original romantic poem just for her that has your promposal as its theme.

Fun Times

Appeal to your girlfriend's fun side by using fondly remembered childhood items to pop the prom question. Blow up a bunch of colorful balloons and put your invitation on puzzle pieces inside them, telling her to hunt for the surprise by popping the balloons. Write your promposal on an Etch-a-Sketch and carefully present it to her. Use brightly colored sidewalk chalk to write your invitation on her driveway. Work with her mom to arrange a furry prom invite: line up her stuffed animals with each holding one letter of the "Will you go to prom with me?" phrase.

Quirky Questions

Score points for creativity with a quirky, unusual prom invitation. For a girlfriend who loves sports, write the words to an offbeat prom invitation, one on a soccer ball, another on a football, and so on, using a variety of sports gear. A beach-lover might appreciate a prom invitation spelled out in the sand, using sticks, seashells and beach glass. Create your own rap video to convey your invitation or ask some spirited friends to help you wow her with an original cheer routine centered on your invitation. Mail her a note each day with one word of your prom invitation inside, followed each day by more notes, each containing another word.