Creative Ways to Say "Happy Birthday" to Your Husband

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Instead of simply saying the usual, "Happy Birthday" to you husband this year, let him know just how much you care by putting a little extra thought into the way you wish him the happiest of days. Show your creative side and catch him by surprise. There are a number of ways that you can make him feel special on his day.

Say It with Food

Cooking your husband's favorite meals can show him how important he is to you. You can also use his favorite foods to create edible birthday messages. Place pancake batter in a squeeze bottle and spell out "Happy B-Day" on a griddle and place your creation on a plate with syrup. A birthday pizza is ideal for lunch or dinnertime. Simply use pieces of pepperoni or small candies to spell out, "B-Day Wishes" on the pizza. For dessert, bake his favorite homemade cake and ice a special birthday message on top. Or, bake a batch of cupcakes and ice a different letter on each one to spell out, "Happy B-Day, Baby."

Say It Musically

Let the lyrics of a song say "Happy Birthday" for you. Plan a song dedication for him on his favorite radio station. Arrange for it to play when you know he'll be listening, such as when he's driving to work. Ask the disc jockey to play a birthday song, such as "Happy Birthday" by Stevie Wonder -- and to add a sweet message from you just before he plays it. If you are vocally skilled, write an original song and sing it to your hubby, wishing him "Happy Birthday" with meaningful lyrics and background music. Or, consider recording a birthday song CD especially for him and play it instead.

Say It in Another Language

If your husband is an avid traveler, extremely fond of another culture or from a different country, offer your birthday wishes in a foreign language. Go all out by dressing in the clothing of the country when you wish him a happy day. For example, let him imagine he is in Japan by dressing in a kimono and saying, "Tanjoubi omedetou" when he wakes, or dress in traditional Mexican attire and wish him a "Feliz cumpleaños." Additionally, present him with a birthday card written in another language along with your own handwritten birthday message inside. You can also find "Happy Birthday" balloons in other languages.

Say It Everywhere He Goes

Literally spend the whole day wishing your husband "Happy Birthday" from beginning to end. Use sticky pads to write down several "Happy Birthday" messages for him. Leaving your husband handwritten notes is pretty special compared to texts or emails. Think of all the things that your husband will do during the day -- and stick the messages in areas where you know he will see them. For example, stick one on his bathroom mirror, one in his lunch bag and one on his steering wheel. Additionally, you can turn the notes into clues for a scavenger hunt and let them lead him to a surprise birthday present at the final destination.