Classy Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette parties are known for being raunchy and bawdy as a celebration of the bride's last nights as a single woman. However, if that kind of bachelorette party is not something that the bride would particularly enjoy, you may want to plan on a classier event. You can plan a classy bachelorette party that everyone will enjoy.

Spa Day

Instead of heading out to the bar for a night of debauchery and questionable behavior, try something a little classier and a lot more indulgent, by bringing all of the girls to the spa. You could all get a facial, or do manicures and pedicures. Make up a menu of different treatments that you, as the host, are willing to pay for, or see if the attendees are willing to pay for their own treatments, as well as pitching in to pay for the bride. What better way to relax before the big day than by enjoying a massage? Top it off with a lunch at a favorite restaurant and you have the recipe for a classy bachelorette party.

Tea Time

For an elegant twist on the usual bachelorette party, consider throwing a formal tea party for the bride and all of her friends. Call local restaurants to see if they serve a formal tea, or rent a venue that you can set up rental tables and chairs for a bachelorette party. Serve finger sandwiches, tea, coffee and cake, and honor the bride by handing out small, cream colored note cards for the guests to write well wishes, advice and anecdotes on. Place those cards in an album to give to the bride at the end of the tea party.

Slumber Party

If you want to make a special night for the bride and her friends, but don't have the money to spend on a formal dinner or drinks, throw a bachelorette slumber party in lieu of a wild night at the club. Invite all of the attendees to wear their pajamas, and mix up some margaritas and mojitos for the night. Paint nails while you watch wedding movies like "Father of the Bride" or "My Best Friend's Wedding" with plenty of snacks. Play throwback boardgames like "Dream Date" and even prank call the groom before you go to bed. Offer a breakfast of fruit and coffee in the morning, and gift all of the attendees with a bottle of nail polish and nail file as a favor when the party is over.