Basket Ideas for Bingo & Quarter Auctions

christmas basket with gifts image by Kathy Burns from

Bingo games and quarter auctions, where individuals bid for items in quarter increments, are not only entertaining but also popular methods of fundraising. A basket, full of items following a theme, is a suitable bingo prize or auction item, since the basket typically isn’t too expensive to assemble, and people can even donate goods to create one.

Luxury Evening Basket

This is a themed basket designed to place the recipient in the lap of luxury. The basket should include a bottle of champagne or fine wine, gourmet food items such as expensive chocolates or speciality cheese, and perhaps some champagne glasses, candles, or embroidered napkins. To add a touch of class to the presentation, the basket can be wrapped in festive paper and tied with a bow.

International Drinks Basket

Plenty of baskets include bottles of alcohol, but the twist here is that this basket contains alcohol from countries all over the world. The basket might feature vodka from Russia, wine from France, and whisky from Scotland, for example. Many stores sell internationally produced spirits, while more exotic items are likely to be available for purchase online. If you like, the basket could include only wine from various wine-producing regions, such as France, California, and Italy. Another variant on this theme might be to include beers brewed in different states or regions. This basket is perhaps more suitable as a bingo prize, where kids are less likely to be present.

Travel Basket

This basket aims to provide items that'll be useful for a vacation. The basket could include sun block, mosquito spray, adaptor plugs, and beach towels. Alternatively, the basket could be based around the concept of kids having fun on the beach. This basket would include a bucket and spade, sunblock, a snorkel and swimming goggles. This option is probably more suitable for a quarter auction where it'll likely be popular with any kids present.

Christmas Basket

If the bingo event or auction takes place during the holiday season, a themed basket can help people get in the Christmas spirit. The basket can include a few Christmas decorations such as baubles and tinsel, candles, bottles of mulled wine, tins of biscuits, and pots of seasonal sauces. The basket can then be decorated with holly or mistletoe.