Baby Shower Gift Registry Checklist

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Having a baby is supposed to be a joyous and exciting time, but preparing for your newborn can be stressful. Eliminate some of the stress by registering for baby gifts. Many stores offer a registry service that allows you to select gift items you might want or need for your new arrival. Setting up a registry also will help your friends and family select the perfect gifts for you and baby.

Clothing and Accessories

The newborn will need clothes and other clothing accessories. Include the sex of the baby on the registry if you know what it is. That information will be helpful when selecting clothes and other items. Include different sizes on the registry. Doing so will ensure you receive a variety of sizes to accommodate the baby's growth. The date of birth also will influence your registry choices. Babies born in the winter will need heavier clothing and blankets than a baby born in the summer. Additional accessories to include in the checklist are baby bath towels and washcloths, socks, burp cloths and bibs.


Furniture items can be a bit costly but should be included on the registry; they are good options for group gifts. Of course, the most common furniture item is a crib but other items include a baby swing, a pack and play for travel, a changing table, dresser, rocking chair and bassinet. If you have a theme or particular colors in the baby room include that on the registry so any gift items will coordinate with your selected look.

Personal Hygiene

Include personal hygiene items on your registry checklist to expand the gift options for friends and family. If you register for diapers and wipes, include your brand preference and list various sizes so that you receive an adequate supply. Other hygiene items to register include baby soap and shampoo, baby fingernail clippers, and a comb and brush set.