Announcing You're Pregnant to Your Best Friends

Happy man and woman with pregnancy test

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You've taken a home pregnancy test, you've confirmed the results with your doctor and now you can't wait to tell your best friends that you're pregnant. Announcing your pregnancy -- although special and exciting -- can also be daunting. Considerations may range from choosing the appropriate time during your pregnancy to share the news, to being considerate of possible sensitivities to how to tell your friends that you're going to have a baby.

Waiting Until the First Trimester Is Over

The risk for miscarriage decreases in the 12th week of pregnancy, says Dr. Laura Riley, an obstetrician and author of the article, "Miscarriage" from Parents magazine, on the Parents magazine website. It's important to consider the best time during your pregnancy to share the news. While it can be tempting to tell your best friends right away, think this through before spilling the beans. It's common for couples to wait to tell people they are pregnant until the third month in case the woman has a miscarriage. However, on the flip side, if there are complications and you've told your best friends, you will have people there to support and comfort you. Discuss this big decision with your significant other and decide when you are comfortable with telling your best friends that you are pregnant.

Consider Your Friends' Circumstances

Pick a time and place appropriate to tell your friends that you are pregnant. Don't tell a friend if he is rushed or if he is going through a rough time. For instance, if your friend calls to say he was in a car accident, it's not a good time to tell him that you're pregnant. Decide if you would like to tell your friends in person or via email or telephone. Women commonly like to tell their friends about their pregnancy in person or via telephone so they can see or hear their reaction immediately, says Evonne Lack, an expert contributor for the BabyCenter website and author of "How to Announce Your Pregnancy." While it's more personal to tell your friends in person, it may not always be possible if you live far from each other.

Other Considerations

Consider if you would like to have your best friends keep mum on the subject of your pregnancy once they are privy to the news. It's not unusual for couples to ask those who are told first to keep the pregnancy quiet until they can share the news with others personally, says Emily Post in the article, "Pregnancy Etiquette." Be sure to let your best friends know that you'd prefer that they not share your exciting news right away, but to wait until you give them the go-ahead.

Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

It's important that you announce your good news in a way that makes your friends comfortable. For instance, if there are sensitivity issues, such as fertility problems or jealousy, a one-one-one discussion is probably best. Either call her or get together and tell her the news sensitively and tenderly, suggests Marjorie Brody, author of "Professional Impressions: Etiquette for Everyone, Every Day" in the article, "Pregnancy Etiquette Guide" from the Parents magazine, posted on the Parents magazine website. However, if there are no sensitivity issues, you can have a lot of fun with your announcement. For example, you could have your best friends over for dinner and have a cake for dessert that reads, "We're pregnant" or you could put a picture of your ultrasound in a card for your friends.