When is it Safe to Announce Pregnancy?

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At the End of the Day, It's Really Up to You

You just found out you’re pregnant, and you couldn’t be more excited! You’re dying to tell anyone and everyone you come across, including the cashier at the grocery store, that you're expecting a baby. But, should you? When is it actually safe to start telling people you’re expecting?

“Safe” Defined

When it comes to announcing a pregnancy, the word “safe” means different things to different people. Some moms-to-be consider it safe to announce their pregnancies after they’ve had their first prenatal appointment, which is typically somewhere between eight and 10 weeks. Many women consider this appointment a huge milestone because it's when the OB-GYN usually confirms the pregnancy, estimates the due date and sometimes even performs an ultrasound.

Others prefer to wait until they’ve made it through the first trimester (about 12 weeks) when the risk of miscarriage drops to only five percent. Some women don’t think it’s safe to spread the news until the second trimester, after they’ve completed prenatal testing, such as amniocentesis. Whether or not it’s safe to announce your pregnancy may also have to do with your occupation. For instance, if you work in a place that deals with certain chemicals like solvents and run the risk of being exposed to them in any way, including ingesting them, breathing them in, coming into direct skin contact, you may want to talk to your employer as soon as you know you're pregnant. That way, you can take any proper precautions needed to keep both you and your baby safe.

The same goes if your job requires certain physical demands. If you spend a lot of your day lifting heavy objects, standing or repeatedly bending at the waist, you’ll definitely want to let your employer know about your pregnancy immediately. These types of activities on the job are associated with increased chances of miscarriage and premature labor. They can also lead to injuries, which you definitely want to avoid when pregnant.

How to Announce Your Pregnancy

Telling everyone you’re pregnant can be a lot of fun. But how you share the news really depends on the audience.

  • Grandparents: When telling your parents they are about to become grandparents, you can always send them a cute and special grandma and grandpa gift. Or, you can do something even more touching, such as sending them a recording of your baby’s heartbeat or an ultrasound picture. 
  • Family: A great way to tell your extended family you’re expecting is to invite them over for dinner or make the announcement during a holiday celebration. 
  • Friends: When sharing the news with your friends, you can always just blast it via your social media channels. Or, if you want to do something a bit more personal, you can opt to pass out pink and blue treats or even mail out “Coming Soon” announcements.  

It’s Your Call

At the end of the day, deciding when to announce your pregnancy is something that should be done when you feel comfortable and truly ready to share your news. It’s definitely your call. Go with your gut and do what feels right to you.