How to Tell Your Husband About an Unexpected Pregnancy

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Half of all pregnancies are not planned according to So if you are unexpectedly expecting, you are not alone. You may feel scared to tell your husband about the baby, but you need to tell him. Going through the pregnancy together will set the stage for effective communication and adequate support of one another.

Prepare for the Worst

Prepare yourself for your husband's reaction. He may feel shocked, overwhelmed or anxious at first. After all, having a baby -- especially one that was not planned -- constitutes a major change in your lives. If he is having trouble digesting the fact that a baby is on the way, remind him that you are feeling the same way.

Expect the Best

Your hubby may surprise you with his reaction. Perhaps he will greet your baby news with excitement and joy. The most important thing is that your spouse supports you during this time. After all, your body is already going through tons of changes and you may feel extremely emotional about the baby. As notes, mood swings are actually one of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy. In other words, it is in your man's best interest to receive this news gracefully.

Get Real

So you've told your husband the news. If he is still having trouble believing he is going to be a father, either for the first time or again, perhaps it's time to prove it to him. When words aren't enough, offer cold, hard evidence. Take a home pregnancy test together or schedule a doctor's visit to confirm the news. As notes, a blood test given by your doctor is accurate in verifying a pregnancy.

Get Support

If telling your husband about an unplanned pregnancy feels too daunting or if he has not reacted well, seek help. Talk to your doctor, a counselor or a family member. Perhaps someone close to the both of you can help you break the news and be there to guide the two of you through a conversation about next steps.