What Is Eyebrow Gel?

Christopher Robbins/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Many women use eyebrow gel as the final step when grooming their eyebrows. The gel keeps your eyebrows in place and helps define the shape. Tinted eyebrow gel can add extra color for a more dramatic look. Clear eyebrow gel can be used for a natural, everyday look. Either way, eyebrow gels can enhance the way your eyes look.

The Purpose

Eyebrow gel is used to keep eyebrow hair in place. You can use the gel to shape your eyebrows and direct the hairs in particular direction. Eyebrow gel comes in a small glass or plastic bottle with an attached brush, similar to mascara. The attached brush is designed for grooming the eyebrows.

Clear or Tinted

Eyebrow gel comes in two forms: tinted and clear. Most brands are clear, but some come in different colors so women can darken or lighten the shade of their eyebrows. Common colors are dark brown, light brown, dark blond and light blond. If you want tinted eyebrow gel, try different shades that work with your skin tone and hair color. Some brands of eyebrow gel also contain glitter or reflective particles to add a dramatic touch.

Different Formulas

Each brand of eyebrow gel has a different formulation. Some eyebrow gels are sticky and thick, while others are more lightweight and fluid. Try different brands to find a gel that suits your hair type. Some brands may flake or be too lightweight to work effectively.

For Sensitive Eyes

Certain eyebrow gels are made with all-natural ingredients such as aloe vera. Others are waterproof and require makeup remover to take them off. If you have sensitive eyes, avoid glitter and look for natural, hypoallergenic eyebrow gels that are contact-lens safe.

Applying Eyebrow Gel

Starting at the inner corner of the eye, brush your eyebrows up and out with gentle strokes. You can use the eyebrow gel as a styling aid after unruly eyebrows are shaped by tweezing or waxing. It can help your create a perfect arch shape, which highlights the shape and color of your eyes.