How to Create Wavy Hair With a Flat Iron

Nick Free/iStock/Getty Images

Whether you are attending a holiday party or a special event, a wavy hairstyle is a youthful and sophisticated look. Because flat iron styled waves are sensitive to the weather, expect to add some type of product to your hair for the style to hold. In high humidity, curly hair may frizz, and straight hair will lose its wave. A day with low humidity is the best day to practice making waves with your flat iron.

Start with dry hair. If you do wash your hair before you create the waves with a flat iron, dry your hair thoroughly before you begin styling it. If there is any moisture remaining in your hair, it won’t hold the style as well.

Apply a dollop of styling product to help your hair hold the wave longer. Mouse, gel or styling cream are all good choices. After creating waves, if you are unhappy with how long the hairstyle holds, try a different styling product.

Start creating waves. Use a hot flat iron and clamp a small section of hair between the plates. Divide your hair into smaller sections if your hair is difficult to hold curl or if you want more waves. Use larger sections for hair that is curly, holds styles well or if you want a looser wave. Roll the flat iron toward your scalp. Hold until hair feels warm, and then release clamp. Move to the next section of hair without handling the one you have just curled. Continue until all your hair has waves.

Use a pomade to create definition. Once you have created waves around your entire head, allow them to cool slightly. Place a dime-size amount of pomade in your palms and rub your hands together vigorously. Rub your hands gently through the ends of your hair, distributing the pomade lightly throughout. This separates the waves and adds movement.

Spray a light mist of hairspray over your style.