How to Use Conair Curlers

Conair curlers can help you create anything from a natural wavy look to tight spirals, depending on the size curlers you select. Curling your hair with Conair curlers is a quick and convenient way to set yourself apart. All you have to do is attach the curlers to damp hair and let them sit. Conair curlers are a great alternative to curling your hair with a curling iron, because they don't damage your hair.

Prepare your hair. It is best to work with hair that isn’t freshly washed. Washing your hair the night before is ideal, so that your hair has time to produce natural oils and curls will hold for much longer. Either mist your dry hair or towel-dry your wet hair to create a damp consistency throughout. Brush out any knots.

Apply curl-enhancing mousse to your hair to help your curls hold for longer. Put some mousse in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together. Work the mousse through your hair with your fingertips, ensuring even distribution.

Section your hair with hair clips so you can work with your hair more easily. Lift the top layer of your hair away from the bottom by creating what looks like a half-ponytail at the top. Section off the bottom portion with a hair clip. Divide the top layers of your hair at your natural part into two sections, sectioning each off with a hair clip.

Attach Conair curlers to your hair. The smaller the curlers you choose, the tighter your curls will come out. Attach curlers to your hair one section at a time, starting with the bottom layers. Remove the hair clip from the bottom layer of your hair and set apart a piece of hair to roll in the curler. The longer your hair, the thinner the pieces of hair will have to be, to ensure there will be enough room for the entire length of your hair on the curler. If you have short hair you can use thicker pieces of hair. The curler has an attachment that holds the hair in place once you have rolled your hair onto the curler. Remove the attachment and hold your section of hair from the bottom. Place the curler underneath your hair at the bottom and roll the curler inward until you have wrapped the entire length of your hair around the curler. Replace the curler attachment over your hair to hold your hair in place. Continue attaching curlers until you have successfully rolled your entire head of hair.

Finish off your curls. Allow your hair to fully dry before removing the curlers. Removing the curlers before your hair is dry will result in your curls falling out in minutes. If you’re in a rush, you can use a blow dryer to speed up the process. Once your hair is dry, remove the curlers and apply hair spray for extra hold.