How to Make Your Eyelashes Look Longer & Fuller

by Nina Makofsky ; Updated July 18, 2017

People with light and sparse eyelashes sometimes dislike how their eyes do not stand out. Fortunately, you do not need genetics to have longer, darker eyelashes. With a few techniques for preparing your lashes and applying eye makeup, you can emulate the look of red-carpet regulars like Brooke Shields, Beyonce and Anne Hathaway. People seeking longer-term fixes for short eyelashes have over-the-counter and prescription options they can discuss with a medical professional.

Condition your lashes overnight. Use a clean mascara brush to apply almond oil or extra virgin olive oil to your lashes.

Curl your eyelashes. Ying Chu, former beauty director for "Seventeen" magazine, outlines the process. Clamp your eyelashes as close to the roots as possible without pinching your skin. Hold your lashes for two seconds. Gently release, taking care not to pull out any lashes, and move the curler halfway up your eyelashes toward the tips. Clamp and hold for two seconds and gently release.

Prepare your lashes. In an article for "The Oprah Magazine," New York City makeup artist Lisa Garner recommended applying a primer to your eyelashes, particularly if you have thin lashes. A primer not only coats the lash, making it appear thicker, but it also conditions it.

Apply a creamy, volumizing mascara. The beauty experts at "Cosmopolitan" magazine recommend working from the outer eye inward. Hold the mascara wand at the base of your eyelashes. Shake the wand gently side to side, and then brush upward to the ends of your eyelashes.

Feather the tips of your eyelashes. Use an eyelash comb to brush the tips of your eyelashes, which makes them appear fuller. Once the mascara dries, you can add another coat and feather the tips again.


  • Dr. Michael Kutryb of the Kutryb Eye Institute in Edgewater, Florida, notes that about 80 percent of his patients who try prescription products for lengthening and darkening their eyelashes have seen a noticeable difference.

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