The Best Cordless Shavers

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What to Look For

The most important distinction in cordless shavers is the difference between foil and rotary. While a rotary shaver is typically quieter than a foil shaver, foil shavers tend to give the closer shave. Other elements to consider include battery life, length of warranty, number of attachments and noise levels.

Common Pitfalls

The most expensive cordless shaver does not necessarily produce a higher level of quality than those shavers with a lower price tag. Many shoppers spend too much on their cordless shaver and find that the life of the battery is too short or that they do not need the extra attachments that accompany the shaver. When in the market for a cordless shaver, it is also imperative to consider the warranty timeline in case a return or exchange is necessary.

Where to Buy

Cordless shavers are available at most big box retailers and department stores, as well as discount websites. A cordless shaver should fit and adjust well to the owner's hand, and when the shaver is not on display in the store, sometimes it takes opening the box to find out whether it fits or not.


Cordless shavers can range significantly in price from $25 to upward of $300. The cost of an electric razor can vary based on whether it is adaptable to both wet and dry skin, number of attachments and clippers included, foil or rotary style, manufacturer's guarantee, and extra blades.

Insider Tips

For the novice cordless shaver purchaser, there are truly two razors that have been ranked the best by product reviewers. These include the Braun Series 7 760cc and the Panasonic Vortex HydraClean ES8109S. The Braun shaver, while one of the more expensive razors at around $250 (as of August 2010), provides what reviewers call the best shave next to a professional barber shop. The Panasonic model is designated for both wet and dry shaves, enhancing versatility of use. Its 30-day money back guarantee policy also allows the purchaser to test the shaver and measure its level of comfort.