How to Blow Dry Hair Without Frizz

by Kristen Fisher ; Updated July 18, 2017

The perfect blow-dried style you get at the salon can be difficult to master at home. Between heat settings, styling tools, hair products and drying techniques, one wrong move can cause your hair to become frizzy, ruining the finished look. Choosing the right tools and employing some professional techniques can give you a sleek, frizz-free blowout at home -- without the salon price tag.

Blot your hair with a towel until it’s no longer dripping wet. Never rub your hair to dry it -- this can cause frizziness before you even turn on the blow dryer.

Choose the right styling product for your hair type. Apply the product to your damp hair, concentrating on the length and ends of hair and going lightly on your roots.

Divide hair into 2- to 4-inch sections using hair clips, pins or elastics to make it easier to work with.

Choose a section of hair at the back of your head and run your brush down the length of it, holding the brush at the ends so hair is pulled taut and smooth. Turn on the blow-dryer and position it above your head, directing the airflow downward from the roots to the ends; keep the air moving slowly over the hair, never exposing any area to more than a few seconds of direct heat. When the section is completely dry, use your dryer’s cool button to set the style; gently put the section of hair aside.

Move on to the next section, working from back to front, until all your hair is completely dry.


  • Use a paddle brush to get a straight, sleek blowout or a round brush to create volume and texture.

    If sections of your hair begin to dry before you’ve had a chance to blow-dry them, spray them with a water bottle until damp.

    Fine or thin hair needs a light product such as mousse or gel mousse; normal or medium-texture hair can tolerate most hair products, including mousse, gel, liquids or creams. For coarse or thick hair, use products with any consistency, but you need extra-hold formulations.

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