How to Prevent Frizzy Hair Without Buying Anything

by Erica Roth ; Updated July 18, 2017

Let's face it, when the weather is hot and humid, your naturally curly hair may frizz. In fact, the frizzing makes you look unkempt even when you do put a lot of effort into your hair. While there are plenty anti-frizz products on the store shelves, it's not necessary to buy anything to control your locks. A few changes in the way you wash and wear your hair may prevent frizz and reveal smooth and polished strands instead.

Wash your hair every other day or even less often if your hair is not too oily. Sometimes frizziness is the result of dry hair. The natural oils your scalp produces moisturize your hair, but wash out with frequent shampooing.

Give your hair conditioner some time to soften and moisturize your hair. Instead of rubbing conditioner through your hair and rinsing immediately, condition at the beginning of your shower and leave it in while you wash and shave. Rinse at the end of your shower, so the conditioning agents will penetrate the hair shaft long enough to control frizziness.

Wrap your hair into a towel. After squeezing excess water out from your hair, wrap it up and allow it to dry for a few minutes without touching it.

Brush or comb your hair gently, or better yet, use your fingers to arrange your damp hair. Rough brushing makes your hair more likely to break, which can increase your risk of frizzing.

Gather your hair up into a ponytail, especially if it is a hot, humid summer day. All Hairstyles and Haircuts explains that your hair is more apt to frizz when you wear it loose, in an "open style." Pulling your hair back will contain some of the frizz and make your hair appear smoother.