How to Write Anniversary Announcements for the Newspaper

by Vera Leigh

Soon you and your sweetheart will be celebrating 50 years of happiness together. Announce it to the world in style. You don't have to be a writer to help turn a standard anniversary announcement into a delightful read. Follow these guidelines to tell your story.

How to Write Anniversary Announcements for the Newspaper

Use the resources of your local newspaper. Newspapers have different policies on anniversary announcements. Look at a past announcements page for deadline, payment information, submission guidelines and general rules. For example, some newspapers allow you to announce anniversaries beginning at the 40th anniversary and only at five year increments thereafter.

Fill out an online form. Many newspapers offer online forms for you to enter basic information. Forms often are available online in the "Classifieds," "Lifestyle," or "Celebrations" sections of your local newspaper. A staff writer will use this information to form the bones of your announcement. The form will prompt you to give information including the full name of you and your spouse, the city where you live, the number of years you've been married, the names of your children and how you met.

Focus on a memorable detail. Newspaper anniversary announcements tend to be fairly formulaic. However, some forms do allow you to tell a short story about how you and your spouse met. Sometimes this space is under a heading such as "Other information about the couple." Use this opportunity to your advantage. If you can tell your story by bringing out a unique or humorous anecdote or the quirky interests the two of you have shared throughout your life together, then your announcement can become an entertaining read.

Plan ahead. Most announcements run in Sunday's newspaper. Newspapers have strict deadlines on when your form is due. The staff writer who will be writing your announcement must have time to not only pen the announcement, but to verify your name, your story and other important details. Give yourself enough time to gather your information, check the spelling of all proper nouns and submit your form so that your announcement can go to print before all of the anniversary cake has been eaten.

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