Wording Ideas for Children's Waterslide Birthday Parties

Under the Waterslide image by Kimberly Wickerink from Fotolia.com

Host a waterslide party for your child‘s birthday party. Whether you are having the party at an indoor or outdoor water park, or you own or rented a waterslide for your backyard, start the party off with a creative and fun invitation. Choose your wording carefully to convey not just the necessary information, but also to set the mood and get the guests excited about the party.

Slip and Slide

Use the words “slip and slide” in the invitation. For example, “Slip and slide on over to John’s waterslide party” or “Are you ready to slip and slide?” Another alternative could be, “You’re invited to slip and slide over at John’s waterside birthday party.”

Rhyming Words

Rhyme in your invitation. For example, “Come have fun in the sun at John‘s waterslide party” or “Go for a ride on a super fun waterslide.” Other rhyming pairs for a waterslide birthday party could be dip and slip; dash and splash; excited and invited; and bet and wet.

Shape Poem

On your invitation, write the words in a such way that the words look like a water slide. For example, write “You’re” on the top line, then on the next line, but a couple spaces to the right, write “invited.” On the third line, but a couple more spaces over, write “to a” and continue with the words so they snake back and forth to resemble a waterslide. Alternatively, draw or print a picture of a waterslide and write the words inside or around its perimeter.

Acrostic Poem

Make an acrostic poem on the front of the card. You can use more than one word for each line, if desired. For example, use the word “waterslide” as the main word for the poem, and write it vertically. Then, for the letters in "waterslide," write words horizontally that start with the first letter, such as "Water," "Aqua," "Tons of fun," "Eat cake," "Running with friends," "Splashing," "Loot bags," "Inner tubes," "Dipping" and "Exciting time." Try to make a sentence of the words if you can.

Party Details

Give all the details for the party, often on the inside of the invitation. Include whether the kids should come with suntan lotion on and if they need their own towel. Give details in a creative way, such as “Where is the slide? In John’s backyard, 100 Main Street” and “When are we having fun? July 8th" and "Slide on over around 2:00 p.m.”