What to Wear to a Semi Formal Homecoming

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Homecoming is one of the most popular events of the year. It is no match to prom, but for underclassmen, it is the only event that comes close to being as formal. Most homecomings are actually considered semi-formal, meaning that you are expected to dress up, but not look too dressed up. To many, that is confusing, but here are a few ideas to help pick out the perfect semi-formal outfit for homecoming.

Above the Knee

Choose a dress that ends above the knee to wear to homecoming. Formal wear tends to end near or past the ankle, so hiking the dress up a bit will make it more semi-formal. By definition, a semi-formal dress can end below the knees, but not touch the ground, but above the knees is a more youthful look. A dress with a loose skirt bottom or a form-fitting dress can both be considered semi-formal.

High-Spirited Colors and Prints

Select a garment that is colorful or has a multi-colored print. Formal gowns have a tendency to be single-colored; a multi-colored print is more semi-formal and fun. You can wear a single-colored garment, such as white or black, but keep it above the knee.

Just For Glitz

Add some glitzy earrings, necklaces or bracelets to the dress. More fabulous accessories add a bit of seriousness and glamour to a semi-formal attire. For dresses with faux diamonds or other shimmering beads sewed onto them, wear a soft pearl or other less fabulous set of jewels so that the focus remains on the dress and you don't look too formal.

Guys Just Want to Have Fun

For male semi-formal wear, pair a skinny tie with a white shirt. Top it with a black, semi-casual suit blazer. The blazer will keep it formal, but adding a skinny tie and rolling up the sleeves will add a bit of fun to the look. Add a nice pair of trousers to this look, but avoid heavily-pleated tuxedo paints. For less formality, ditch the suit jacket altogether and opt for a vest or just a button-down shirt. Guys can experiment with colors other than black and white. For example, a beige vest with matching trousers is semi-formal.