What Are Low Profile Caps?

Portrait of a young man looking at camera smiling wearing baseball cap

Stewart Cohen/Blend Images/Getty Images

If America had a hat, "USA Today" said, it would be the baseball cap. Whether you're playing ball, rooting for the home team or just hanging out, chances are you're wearing one -- nearly 44 million ball caps are sold each year. Low-profile caps are one casual, comfortable option.

Low-Profile Comfort

Baseball-cap history dates to 1860, when the Brooklyn Excelsiors wore the predecessor of today's professional-player look. Traditional-style caps still have a crown with plenty of support and structure. Low-profile caps, on the other hand, fit lower on your head, for more comfort but less structure in the crown -- the part of the cap that sits on your forehead and provides a handy spot for a team logo. The bill -- the part of the hat that sticks out -- is the same for either style, providing shade for your face if you choose to wear it facing forward.