How to Reduce the Crown Size of a New Era MLB Hat

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New Era is the official provider of on-field baseball caps for Major League Baseball (MLB). While it is not the only company allowed to produce licensed MLB logos on headgear, it is the primary choice of fans looking to achieve the same look as professional baseball players. This large market makes it impossible for New Era to offer bespoke sizing. However, it is relatively easy to adjust the size of New Era hats for a custom fit.

Fill the spray bottle with water. Use bottled water if you have hard water or are concerned with the quality of your tap.

Spritz the hat with water until damp.

Place the hat on a shaper to dry. Dry the hat on your head for a custom fit. Place the hat on a shaper, such as the one provided in the Re-Cap Cleaning Kit, if you are unable to size the hat during wear.

Dry the hat without a shaper in the sun to achieve uniform reduction.