Wedding Ideas for the Mature Bride

Mature brides have lived life and realize that love and marriage isn’t always about fairy tales and knights in shining armor. They usually don’t want the glitz and glamour that so many younger brides desire. Many mature brides desire sophistication and elegance. The perfect wedding ideas for mature brides are relaxed and inviting instead of contemporary and energetic.

Destination Weddings

Mature brides may prefer to get married at a remote destination with no one else present but her loved one and some witnesses. There are many wonderful destination weddings to choose from that can fit just about any budget. Las Vegas, Mexico, the Caribbean, the Florida Keys, and the Pocono’s mountains are all very popular destination wedding locations. The best part about a destination wedding is that it allows the bride and groom to relax, with most of the wedding details handled by the venue. In many cases, witnesses can be provided so that you don’t have to worry about inviting anyone else along on your wedding trip.

Quiet Ceremonies

Traditional weddings for younger brides take place in the afternoon, with a large party event to follow that sometimes extends until the wee hours of the next morning. A mature bride may prefer a more low-key wedding venue. A great quiet wedding ceremony is a garden ceremony with hors d’oeuvres and tea to follow. An evening wedding with a short cocktail and hors d’oeuvres reception could also be relaxing enough for a mature bride.

Elegant Wedding Outfit

A mature bride may not feel comfortable in some of the traditional wedding gowns sold by most wedding boutiques. Most wedding gowns are designed with a younger and more contemporary bride in mind. Most options are sleeveless and show a considerable amount of skin – something that some older brides may not particularly like. Mature brides may prefer to wear a cream-colored silk suit or an evening gown that does not feature a long train. A hat instead of a veil is another popular wedding attire choice for the older bride.

Non-Traditional Receptions

Mature brides may be blending two families together. If a mature bride and her groom have children that wish to be a part of the wedding, a non-traditional reception somewhere like a zoo might be a great option. This will take the awkwardness out of trying to get along with step-relatives and allow everyone to relax and just enjoy the big day. Taking the blended family on a cruise or along on the honeymoon could also help smooth over any awkwardness incurred during subsequent marriages.