Wedding Gift Ideas for a Brother

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When your brother is getting married, you might find yourself busy in your role as a member of the bridal party as the wedding day approaches. Although this position's mandate is to support the groom, don't omit putting some time aside to brainstorm and execute a thoughtful gift for this important family member. Depending on your relationship, your gift can range from sentimental to traditional to sharing an experience together.

Sentimental Gifts

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Regardless of the type of relationship you share with your brother, his wedding is an appropriate time to get a little sentimental. Dig up a photo of the two of you as children, and put it in a double frame beside a photo from a recent event such as his engagement party or the rehearsal dinner. Take some time to handwrite your wishes for your brother's life as a married man, then tape the note to the back of the frame. Or write your wishes with a calligraphy pen and place the note in a small frame.

Traditional Gifts

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Your brother's wedding is a suitable time to buy a traditional gift, regardless of your budget. Low-budget gift ideas include a wallet clip, tie clip or pen knife. Boost the appeal of these simple items by having them engraved with his initials, the date and a message such as "Best wishes." If you want to splurge, a high-end watch with a custom engraving is appropriate. For a brother who's a hunter, a special firearm with his initials engraved on the stock is something he'll appreciate.

Experiential Gifts

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Arranging a gift that you and your brother can experience in the weeks or months after his wedding shows that despite this major change in his life, you don't want to miss spending time together. Tailor the experience toward your brother's interests, whether it's a pair of tickets to a professional football game, some passes to your local go-kart track or a couple green fees to an upscale golf club. Other ideas include tickets to a craft beer, barbecue or music festival, alongside a pledge to enjoy the event together.

Other Gifts

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Consider your brother's bridal registry when thinking about the ideal gift to buy for him. If it has something that you know he'll especially appreciate getting from you, you have a quality idea without much work. Otherwise, think of your brother's hobbies and shop accordingly. Depending on your budget, the gift can range from a vintage movie poster to decorate his film room, a piece of sports memorabilia from his favorite player, an old-school arcade or pinball machine, or a set of handmade fly-fishing lures.