Use These Projects to Decorate a Kid's Room

Machelle Vanderhoeven and Malissa Levesque | Rachel Pereira | Kelly Smith

Children's rooms should be a reflection of their interests and a place they love to spend time in. And as they grow and change, so should their surroundings. Take an afternoon to spruce up your kid's personal space and complete a fun bonding activity in the process. Whether you have a toddler who needs more guidance when working with glue, or you have an older teen who can really take control, these 10 DIY projects will spark their creativity and give you a keepsake to cherish for years to come.

Make a "Flying" Kite for the Wall

Create a little movement on your kiddo's wall with a custom kite, complete with a tail that looks like it's blowing in the wind. Cut out different shapes from tissue paper in a variety of colors and let your little artist glue them to a sheet of wax paper. You'll both love looking at the finished product knowing how much fun you had making it together.

Kelly Smith

Refurbish a Thrifted Rocking Horse

Turn the base of a thrifted rocking horse into something new that your toddler will spend hours playing on. While this project does take a bit of work, the finished result is sure to put a smile on your child's face. Just make sure you pick a stuffed animal with a frame sturdy enough to support your growing baby so she'll get plenty of use out of it.

Machelle Vanderhoeven and Malissa Levesque

Display Your Little Artist's Work

If your pint-sized Picasso is constantly painting or drawing new masterpieces that are quickly piling up, create an instant art gallery right in her room to display them. Since this is made with clips, you can rearrange and change out the artwork as often as you'd like. Not only will it add a fun punch of color to the room, it'll also encourage her to work hard to fill each and every clip.

Charlotte Smith

Repurpose Wooden Blocks Into a Picture Puzzle

This wooden picture puzzle is the perfect project to help your little one remember a special event or display a favorite photo of you and him. Adhere your picture of choice to the front of the blocks with tattoo paper, and use a craft knife to separate each one. Your kid will get to work on his cognitive development as he puts the puzzle together, and you'll both be excited to see the finished picture. Now that's a win-win.

Eve Epstein

String Up a Paper Flower Garland

Decorate your kid's room with beautiful flowers that will never wilt. The printable flower templates make putting the garland together an easy activity that even the youngest crafters will enjoy.

Lucy Akins

Construct a World Map from Puzzle Pieces

If you have a budding explorer on your hands, this puzzle map is the perfect addition to her room. Grab a puzzle, even one that's missing a few pieces, and repurpose it into a modern work of art with a little spray paint and glue. She'll be planning an adventure in no time.

Rachel Pereira

Adorn the Walls with Arrow Art

Dress up a bare wall with timeless statement art, like these arrows made of tin and wooden dowels. If you have an older kid, let them help with the spray painting and positioning the piece on the wall. And since a bundle of arrows represents strength and friendship, this is a great project for siblings who share a room — it's a constant reminder to get along, while still looking cool and stylish.

Lucy Akins

Corral Small Toys with a Fabric Basket

As a parent, you know that you can never have too many baskets. Whether you use them them to gather up small toys or keep your kid's growing craft supplies in one place, baskets always seem to come in handy. Stitch this reversible fabric basket together in under an hour with two pieces of scrap fabric. This is also the perfect opportunity to teach your kiddo a thing or two about using a sewing machine!

Jessica Abbott

Mix Kid-Safe Watercolor Paints

Encourage your toddler's artistic side with non-toxic watercolor paints you can make with supplies you probably already have around your house: baking soda, vinegar and food coloring. Have your kid help you mix the ingredients together, and watch the excitement on her face as the baking soda and vinegar fizz when combined. Set the completed palette aside for 24 hours to harden before using, and then make something to hang on the wall.

Kelly Smith

Dress Up a Bed with a Minion Pillowcase

Your minion maniac will go crazy when he sees this cool pillowcase on his bed. Customize the pillowcase with one eye or two, depending on your kid's preference, and don't forget the yarn hair at the top. By the end of the project, you'll not only be the "cool mom," but your kid will actually be looking forward to bedtime, too.

Jessica Abbott