Unique Wedding Gifts for Lesbian Couples

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Before a wedding, guests scramble to find an appropriate gift for the marrying couple. You may know the lesbian couple who owns everything, which can make shopping for typical home appliances useless. Interview close family and friends of the brides-to-be to get information on what they want or need. Ask if they have a wedding registry at any stores. You should first purchase items listed on the couple's wedding registry before you purchase unlisted gifts.

Gifts Associated with Gay Culture

There are several symbols of homosexuality and lesbianism, including the weasel, the symbol of the Amazon warriors, labyrs, the double-headed ax, rainbow colors or the lambda, which is the Greek lower-case "l." Personalize champagne flutes, shot glasses, a photo frame, a snow globe, or matching necklaces with the names of the brides-to-be and their wedding date, along with a symbol of gay culture like the lambda.

Traditional Wedding Gifts

Any gift can be unique with customization, such as getting a gift in the couple's favorite colors or having their names embroidered or engraved into the item. Create a quilt with photographs of the brides, their families and friends. Embroider the brides' names and date of marriage into the center of the quilt. Order dishes customized with the brides' pictures. If they enjoy art, commission an artist to paint a portrait of them, or of the location where they first met or someday hope to visit.

Functional Wedding Gifts

Consider the couple's favorite foods and assemble them into a gift basket. They may take the basket with them on the honeymoon, so consider foods like nuts, cheese, wine, crackers, dessert breads and cookies. Include pairs of slippers monogrammed with the couple's new initials, if they have changed their names. You may also have other items of clothing monogrammed with their initials, such as bath robes or night gowns.

Gifts Based on Hobbies

If the couple enjoys engaging in some of the same hobbies, purchase gifts related to those hobbies. If they are going away on their honeymoon, purchase gift certificates to a spa, nail salon or beautician in that area. Buy tickets for them to see an upcoming sports game, play or orchestra concert. If they enjoy rock climbing, rowing or another sport, purchase some equipment that they can use for those hobbies at a sports shop. If they are learning an instrument, pay for them to have lessons at a music store.