Traditional Wedding Gifts for the Bride From the Groom

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In addition to receiving gifts from guests invited to their wedding, the bride and groom traditionally present each other with a wedding gift, either at the rehearsal dinner or just after the wedding, when they are on their way to the honeymoon. The groom has a few traditional options to choose from when picking a gift for his bride.

A Gift for the Wedding

If a bride and groom exchange gifts the night before the wedding, he may want to give her something to wear during the ceremony the next day. A necklace, such as a string of pearls, is usually a safe, traditional pick. He could also give his bride to be a more personal piece of jewelry, such as something with her birthstone or a gemstone that complements the colors of the wedding. Another idea is a small pendant necklace with the wedding date engraved on it. If the bride is changing her name, he may consider giving her a charm necklace that features her new initials.

A Gift for the Honeymoon

The groom can also give the bride something she can use on their honeymoon. If the couple are headed to a tropical resort, he can give her a fun outfit to wear out to dinner or a skimpy bikini to wear on the beach. A couple that love the outdoors may plan to spend their honeymoon hiking or camping, in which case the groom can present his new bride with her own personalized hiking or camping gear.

A Shared Hobby Gift

An important part of the groom and bride gift exchange is recognizing the shared interests the couple have. Some grooms may feel more comfortable giving their bride a gift that both will enjoy after the wedding, such as a fun kitchen appliance if both like to cook, tennis or golf lessons or tickets to a play or concert.

A Tree or House Plant

According to the Wedding Channel, a tree sapling is a gift traditionally exchanged between bride and groom in Bermuda and the Netherlands. A small tree can symbolize the couple's fresh love for each other, which will only grow bigger and stronger as the years go by. If the bride and groom won't have room to grow a tree, the groom could also consider giving his bride a small, durable houseplant.

A Personal Gift

Some grooms choose to give their brides a gift that has personal value. He can write his bride a love letter or a poem and present it to her in a pretty envelope. Another idea is to write the letter or poem in a pretty notebook or journal and give it to the bride. He could also get a jump on decorating their home by presenting her with a lovely framed picture of the two of them.