Toga Party Decoration Ideas

greek ruins image by Paul Moore from

Toga parties are a classic crowd favorite that pay homage to ancient Greece and Rome. As with any theme party, decoration is the key to setting the mood. Toga parties are meant to be goofy, fun entertainment, so do not go crazy trying to duplicate scenes from history books. As long as the main gist of the decor is historically accurate (no light sabers), there are many simple, inexpensive ways to visually recreate an ancient scene.


Use white and gold as your main color scheme. Use white for fabrics and draping, and gold as the accent. It’s okay to get a little silly. Spray paint everything gold, from serving bowls (on the outside only) to planters. Use gold cutlery, dishes and glasses. The idea is to gently mock the conspicuous display of wealth with all of your “riches."


Drape walls and the ceiling with white or gold gossamer, available at fabric stores. Drape tables, chairs, mantels and any other visible surface. Twist both white and gold together for a festive look. The draping will echo the folds in a toga and will quickly turn the room into a scene from another time.


Skip the electric lighting in favor of flame. Use torches or candles in profusion. Scatter groupings of white and gold pillar candles throughout the room, and use floating candles in large water-filled bowls.


Cheap artificial grapevines are available in most craft stores, so use them liberally. Hang them from walls, drape them across ceilings and twine them around drapery. Use them to make wreaths to place around the bottoms of serving dishes and make smaller wreaths for you and your guests to wear. Women with long hair can even twine a vine or two through their tresses for an ethereal look. Pair the vines with clusters of artificial grapes for an extra touch.


Many party supply rental companies have plaster busts, columns and pottery that you can use to add a bit of ancient flair to the room, or make your own out of papier mache. Stand columns in clusters and place statues in random places throughout the room. If you are artistically skilled, make papier mache busts of some of your guests and label them in a Greek-style font.

Extra Togas

If you want your party to be a bit silly, keep a pile of old flowered sheets on hand. When guests show up without a toga (there’s always one or two), insist upon draping them in one of your extras. Their flowered togas will attract a fair amount of good-natured ribbing.