Theme Party Names

When you're looking to throw a party that will be both fun and memorable, there's no better way than to choose a theme. Food, entertainment and décor can all be tied to one motif which will make party planning that much easier. So get out those invites and start planning an unforgettable celebration.

Geographic Goodies

Can't get away on a vacation? Pick a favorite getaway and theme your party around that. A Lulu of a Luau, A Fiesta Feast or a Mardi Gras Carnival are just a few examples. Viva Las Vegas, 1001 Arabian Nights, Hooray for Hollywood, Mambo Italiano or even a Cowboy Roundup would all make for fun events with easy access to appropriate decorations and recipes.

A Sentimental Journey

If you're celebrating a birthday or an anniversary, tie it to a specific decade. The Roaring 20s for someone who just turned 21. Or, a Mad Men and Women blowout, with everything straight from the 60s. A Happy Days party would celebrate all things from the 50s.

Drive-In Madness

Pay homage to "Animal House" with a Toga Party or dress up like your favorite vampires with a Dracula-Spectacula. Have a "Sideways" celebration with wine tasting (but no Merlot!) or get the eye patch out for a Pirates Party. Tell everyone to get that Saturday Night Fever for a disco party. Or, get dressed to kill with a James Bond party.


Almost every week the calendar gives another reason to celebrate, including Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Father's Day and the Fourth of July. You can also try picking more obscure celebrations, like United Nations Day, Oktoberfest or Mad Hatter Day. Celebrate National Popcorn Popping Month with a Pop-A-Thon or Mischief Day with a Prank Party.