The Best Undergarments for Wedding Dresses

Lift, shape, and smooth your way to a glamorous wedding day look by choosing the right undergarments. These foundation pieces should flatter your curves, hide your problem areas and be invisible to your guests. Don't wait until the last minute to buy these important undercover wares -- instead, bring a few of these styles when you try on dresses to find the right pieces for your special day.

Strapless Bras

A strapless bra is a must for strapless and spaghetti-strapped dresses. Like your gown, they are held up by boning and elastic. Look for one with silicone grips, which reduce the risk of slipping.

Longline Bras

A longline bra is a bustier-style garment that partially or fully covers your torso. It features built-in construction and acts like a corset, pulling your tummy in. Longlines offer more support than regular strapless styles, which is a bonus for larger busts. For V-neck dresses, choose a longline bra with a lower-cut neckline, which ensures your undergarments will be discreet on your wedding day.

Convertible Straps

A low-back wedding dress calls for a bra with convertible straps that wrap around your mid- to lower back. You won't sacrifice support, and you'll easily hide the straps. Halter dresses also benefit from these convertible straps, which can be wrapped around the back of your neck for invisible support.

Adhesive Bras

If your wedding gown simply won't hide the straps, ditch them. Opt for adhesive silicone bras that stick onto your skin, providing coverage throughout your wedding day. Adhesive bras are best for C cups or smaller since they don't offer as much support as more traditional styles.

Built-In Support

In some cases, the best bra may be no bra at all. Talk to your seamstress about having bra cups or a bodice sewn into your wedding dress. You'll enjoy the support you need without worrying about slipping and sliding straps.

Slimming Shapewear & Slips

Shapewear creates a smooth silhouette and the type of shapewear you choose depends on your dress' cut and fabric.

For full coverage, a strapless or thin-strapped slip that hits at the knee is a smart choice. This style will hide a visible panty line and create a smooth figure.

To contain your bottom half, opt for high-waisted shaping shorts or skirts that hit at the knee. These styles firm-up your booty, hips and thighs and work well with fuller skirts. However, they may show through if your wedding dress is slim. So if this is the case for you, go with a pair of seamless pantyhose of compression fabric. These will keep everything in place without showing lines, even beneath the slinkiest silhouettes.

Panty Possibilities

You might not typically wear high-waisted thongs, but they're a safe choice for under the wedding dress. These styles create a smooth shape and don't result in a visible panty line.

Consider the fabric of your gown when choosing your panties. A voluminous taffeta ballgown can hide a seamless lace thong. However, a fitted silk gown will require more discreet panties, such as a laser-cut, microfiber panty that promises no seams.

Boy shorts can also create a seamless finish and provide more coverage than a thong. Choose a microfiber pair to ensure they don't create any lines.

No matter the style of undergarments you choose, opt for flesh-toned ones. Avoid white, which may be visible under your gown.