The Best Style Wedding Dresses for Plus Size

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Knowing the correct style dress for your body type can make a difference when it comes time for the plus-sized woman to purchase her wedding gown. If she is knowledgeable about what works best with her body type, she can turn her gown-buying day from a nightmare into a dream.


A plus-sized bride should consider wearing an A-line dress that has an empire waistline. This is a waistline that starts under the bust, and flows outward, with a wider amount of fabric at the floor. This draws attention away from the waist. The neckline should be sweetheart, portrait or square. The sleeves could be cap sleeves or long sleeves. Avoid halter necks or high cut necks. Avoid puffy sleeves that end tightly around the upper arm.


A ballgown-style dress is usually flattering to a larger bride. Avoid any style that adds unnecessary fabric to the design of the dress, such as a hoop skirt, or very wide, full skirt. This makes a plus-sized bride look heavier. A strapless dress is usually not a good choice for the bride who has heavy upper arms. Any bride with a very large bust should avoid a strapless gown or she will be pulling it up all day.


Any embellishments on the gown should be the appropriate size. If they are too small, they will make the gown seem large in comparison. If they are overly large, such as a big bow, they will add size to the bride. Anything that runs in a vertical line draws the eyes up and down and takes away from the bride's size. A long colored ribbon or vertical beading, embroidery or lace will make the bride seem thinner. Long sleeves made from lace will also draw the eyes up and down and add beauty to a wedding dress.

Other Considerations

The fabric should not be figure-hugging or flowing such as jersey. Lace, silk, satin and any stiffer fabrics should be considered. If the bride has her mind set on a sleeveless dress, she could wear a little shrug or wrap made of lace, silk or chiffon. The bride can consider wearing corset or girdle that can take a couple inches off her waist. Other colors besides white can be complimentary and take a few pounds off the bride. Consider red or royal blue as the gown color or for embellishments.