The Best Dresses for a Mother of the Groom

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The mothers of the bride and groom need to dress up in a conservative way, without taking attention away from the couple, especially the bride. The groom’s mother’s outfit should be formal, in a color that matches or complements the bridesmaids’ dresses and is not white, ivory, cream, silver or any shade that the bride would be wearing. Waiting for the mother of the bride to select her outfit is polite, as the groom's mother wouldn’t want to be caught wearing something too conservative or too daring in comparison with her counterpart's outfit.

Evening Gown

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The mother of the groom can wear a formal evening gown to a formal evening wedding. Choosing the right silhouette and neckline for the gown is key. A-line, princess and sheath silhouettes are good choices for moms, as they flatter the body and look very sophisticated. Wear a modest bateau or square neckline for a conservative yet chic look.


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The ever-popular skirt-jacket combination is a good option for the mother of the groom for a daytime wedding. Choose colors, fabrics and cuts carefully. Skirt-suits in dark colors like navy blue make the attire look more official, like a working suit. Instead, choose a skirt-suit in subtle, soft hues, like pinks, lilacs, maroons and greens, in fabrics like tweed, wool blend and silk. Add a few embellishments to make the attire suitable for a wedding.

Summer Dresses

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For an outdoor warm-weather wedding, consider a long, flowing summer dress. The dress could be shin-length with a rouched bodice and a structured jacket, or ankle length. Wear bright colors in materials like chiffon and crepe. Sundress necklines vary from halter to strapless, sweetheart and boat-neck.

Pant Suits

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Pant suits in the right colors and fabric are a comfortable and sophisticated choice of attire for a wedding. Choose soft shades in fabrics like silk or linen and accessorize with scarves and a hat to make the look dressy and take away from the simplicity and plainness of a pant suit. Pant suits are also a good choice for women who would like to camouflage their tummy or extra weight.