Dress Etiquette for the Mother of the Groom for a Bridal Shower

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It is always nice when mothers of prospective grooms genuinely like and get along with their daughters-in-law-to-be. Planning or attending a shower for the prospective bride is one way to extend your good wishes and show that you care for her. When choosing your attire, however, there are a few guidelines to follow to ensure that you are a chic and appropriately-dressed future mother-in-law.


Traditionally, the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom should coordinate their outfits for the day of the wedding. But it is also important that your outfits do not clash at pre-wedding parties, such as bridal showers. Wedding etiquette dictates that the mother of the bride always chooses her attire first, and the mother of the groom second. Whether the mother of the bride chooses a dress or a pantsuit, a shorter skirt or a long one, as the mother of the groom you should strive to complement her.


The bridal shower is about the bride. Or, more modernly, about the couple. It is disrespectful to do anything to draw attention toward yourself by wearing loud colors, spangles, patterns or other accessories that will cause other guests to ooh and ahh over them, rather than the guests of honor.


Some showers are casual and fun, while others are upscale and may include dinner at a nice restaurant. The type of shower will guide you when selecting your outfit. It appears rude and attention-hungry to appear at a backyard barbecue in floor-length couture, just as it looks crass and thoughtless to attend a sit-down banquet in jeans and a T-shirt.


Many well-meaning mothers-of-grooms have chosen to attend bridal showers in a copy of the dress that the bridesmaids will be wearing. The logic is easy to understand; obviously, this is a dress that the bride likes and approves of. However, this is a poor idea. Most brides are excited at the prospect of revealing each aspect of their wedding on that special day. If the bridesmaid dress has already been revealed, even in a different color, it is anti-climactic. It is also a bad idea to wear a dress that resembles a wedding gown in any way.


You may be very proud of your new breast enhancement surgery or the bronze tan that's still clinging to your legs from vacation. However, there is a more appropriate time and place than your son's wedding to display them. The outfit you choose for your daughter-in-law to-be's shower should adequately cover your cleavage and not reveal an excessive amount of inappropriate skin anywhere.