Thank You Gifts for Public Speakers

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Giving a gift to a public speaker is a way to show him thanks for his encouraging or inspiring message. To ensure he remembers the gift as much as you remember the highlights of his speech, offer a thoughtful present such as a journal, or merchandise promoting your group or organization.

Personalized Plaque

An engraved plaque commemorating the event is frequently gifted to public speakers. Many different stores sell plaques that can be engraved with the name, date and location of the event, as well as the speaker's name. You could also purchase an item, such as a nice clock, and affix a small plaque to it; that way the recipient can display the item in his home or office to remind him of the event and your organization.

Memorable Memorabilia

If there are items that feature your organization's name or logo on them, such as mugs, magnets, glasses or apparel, consider giving one to the speaker. Gifting an item that has the name of your organization on it is a good way to thank the speaker for his services, and he'll remember where the gift came from. Every time he uses the gift, he'll be reminded of your organization.

Pen and Stationery

Because many public speakers are also scholars or experts on their respective topics, they may spend a lot of time writing and doing research. A nice pen and stationery set is a useful and attractive thank-you gift for such people. Consider getting the pen engraved with the speaker's name and the name of your organization or event. The set will likely make a nice addition to the person's desk.

Functional Decor

A paperweight is another good thank-you gift for your speaker. As paperweights are made from a variety of different materials, including glass, metal and pottery, they can be visually appealing. They also serve a functional purpose in that they hold pages or stacks of paper in one place. If your speaker is attending a lot of speaking engagements, she no doubt has a lot of pages of paper with speeches written or typed on them. Therefore, a paperweight could serve a functional purpose for the speaker in addition to being a unique piece of art.