Thank You Gifts for Doctor's Offices

Doctor with patient

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If you're thinking of how to say "Thank you" to your doctor, consider getting her a gift. The kind of relationship you have and how well you know her dictates the scope of the gift. You should also decide if you want to give your doctor a gift individually, or include the entire staff.

Potted Plants

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Give your doc a gift that keeps on giving. A potted plant provides immediate beauty, and she can take it home and plant it in her garden or flower bed. Seasonal plants also add to the work environment and create holiday cheer, so you're also giving to coworkers and other patients. Remember to include a personal "Thank you" note tucked in the blossoms.

Gifts to Unwind

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Doctors often work long, grueling hours. Give him a gift that he'll be able to unwind with after work. Give a gift certificate to a spa or massage salon. Put together a home-made bath spa basket (with bath sponge, salts, a candle and aromatherapy oils.)

Food and Goodies

Dessert basket

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Sometimes, you want to thank everyone who helps keep the doctor's office running. Baked goods and yummy treats are appropriate in this case. Prepare a batch of cookies, bake a pie, or go all out and fill a large picnic basket with cookies, candies, cakes and pie straight from your kitchen. It helps to love baking for this one. For a more individualized gift, give your doctor a gift certificate to your favorite restaurant or a free wine tasting class.

Cards and Letters

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Sometimes the gift that makes the strongest statement is the simple card or letter, personally thanking your doctor for all she's done. Make your own card or write your letter on some custom-crafted, doctor-themed stationary (cut out construction-paper hearts, scalpels and other items and scrap-book them onto mounted stationary).


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Another gift that encourages your doc to relax and enjoy life is a pair of tickets. Give a gift certificate for theater, concert or museum tickets. Inquire at your local movie theater about special memberships and buy your doctor one, or give a pair of ticket vouchers. Gift certificates for movie rentals and music stores are appropriate as well.

Fruits and Veggies

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If you have a green thumb, share it with the entire staff at your doctor's office. Put together a mouthwatering fruit or veggie basket. Include foods that don't necessarily need to be cooked or involve complex preparation. Dice up the fresh food, and put a homemade dip in the center, or you can leave the fruits or veggies whole and include recipe cards with simple ways to serve the food.