Text Conversation Ideas for the Beginning of a Long-Distance Relationship

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You and your sweetie will be miles away from each other soon. Your time apart could pose a challenge in maintaining your relationship, especially in the beginning. Technical advances such as text messages can help couples to stay connected from a distance, according to the PBS article "Love in Long-Distance Relationships" by psychologist Suzanne Phillips. Interesting topics can keep text conversations going between you and your sweetie.

Dinner from a Distance

Plan a series of dinner dates over the course of time you will be apart. Select a popular cuisine you both adore, such as Italian or Mexican. Head to a restaurant chain common to both the areas you live in. Order meals and eat at the same time. Pretend your sweetie is right beside you by communicating via text messages. Describe the atmosphere of the restaurant, the service and the taste of the food to your sweetie. Also, send picture messages of each other back and forth. Send flirty responses to the pictures. Compliment your sweetie’s hairstyle, eyes and attire.

Movie Date Night

Watch a movie together from a distance and center an entire text conversation on the film. Rent the same romance-themed movie. Discuss your favorite scenes and characters via text messages. Use emoticons to express your feelings about something that happened in the film to your sweetie. Perhaps you can use the "tears of happiness" emoticon when the couple gets married or engaged. Alternatively, turn your text conversation into a scavenger hunt to make sure your sweetie is paying attention to the film. Quiz each other with text questions such as “What color dress is the main character wearing on her date?”

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Reminisce about your beginning stages as a couple. Quiz each other back and forth via text messages about significant moments in your budding romance. See if your sweetie remembers them. Perhaps you can ask your boyfriend if he can recall where you shared your first kiss or ask your girlfriend if she remembers the location where you met. Text a few harder questions to really test your loved one’s memory, such as what you ordered on your first date. The person with the least correct answers must treat the winner to a romantic dinner when you are in each other’s presence again.

What’s Life Like?

If your sweetie is going to live in another country for awhile, you may be curious about how the culture there differs from or parallels your hometown. Text questions to your partner about the common cuisine there, everyday weather, popular historical sites and fashion trends. Allow your lover to know what’s happening in your environment to give him a vivid image of the things you encounter, advises psychologist Susan Krauss Whitbourne in her Psychology Today article “Love from Afar: Staying Close While You Live Apart.” Additionally, keep your sweetie up to date with your life back home by discussing local game scores and cultural events.