How to Talk to Teenage Girls (for Boys)

For most young guys, trying to strike up a conversation with a cute girl can be overwhelming enough, but then to try and figure out what to say next can be even more frustrating.

Here are some tips on things to talk about when you find yourself short on words.

Compliment her. If you think she has pretty hair, tell her you like her hair. Pretty eyes, tell her that she has cool eyes. You like her fashion style, then tell her she has great taste in clothes. Don't compliment her on body parts that will embarrass her! Girls like to be complimented and a little compliment will go a long way!

Ask her if she's seen a particular movie. If not you can ask her what she wants to see (that's an "in" for possibly going to see one together!). What was her favorite movie? Does she like action, horror, adventure?

Does she have an IPOD? What kind and what does she like about it? Then you can ask her about the types of music she likes? Has she been to any concerts?

Ask her about her family. Does she have brothers or sisters? Any pets?

Is she going on vacation anywhere this summer or winter? What places has she been to and did she have fun? Does she like to camp?

Does she like to go skiing, rollerblading, surfing, skate boarding, etc...? Would she like to go on a hiking trip? How about a walk around a lake. Swimming?

Ask her what she's disliked about guys in the past. If she tells you she hates it when they flirt with her friends (most do), you can make a conscious effort to avoid getting to flirty with them. Maybe she hates it when a guy tell her he will call but forgets. Some girls don't like guys that say they will call but forget. You can find out a lot about her by what she tells you.

Ask her if she likes to go to the zoo or some amusement park. That can be a fun first date, you will find a lot of things to talk about. People watching and rides keep conversations going.

Ask her about her classes, ask her if she likes to read or write, and ask her what she is thinking about doing when she graduates.