How to Get to Know the Cute Guy in Your Class

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You've had your eye on a particular cutie for a while, but have never met him or talked to him. You can't bear the idea of life passing you by without the chance to see if his personality matches his looks, but short of standing up in class and shouting out your phone number, it's hard to know what to do. Never fear, a number of subtle overtures will ensure that you get to know him better before the final.

Step 1

Sit near him. While this is not always an option, proximity will make it possible for you to have more interactions with him. If seats are assigned, wait for opportunities to join him in a group during a literature discussion or sit at his lab table when your science class is conducting an experiment.

Step 2

Introduce yourself. Say, "Hi, I'm Amy. Is this seat taken?" If you're feeling shy, ask a mutual friend to introduce you. Only do this if your friend is mature and can refrain from speculating out loud about why you'd like an introduction.

Step 3

Ask him a question. Wait until you have something relevant to ask, though, so your overture won't come off as awkward. For example, if the cute guy you like is in your art class and you have no idea what the teacher is talking about when she mentions three point perspective, you can ask to see his drawing or, if you're feeling bold, ask him to show you how he did it.

Step 4

Wear red. Doing so tends to make others perceive you as better looking and as having a higher social status, notes psychologist Jeremy Nicholson in an October 2011 Psychology Today article. The result is that the cutie you have your eye on will be more interested in getting to know you, says Nicholson.

Step 5

Offer to make a copy of your notes for him if he misses class. This is also an opportunity to give him your phone number in case he misses class again and needs to get an assignment. Once you've helped him out by giving him the notes he needs for the test review, it'll be easy for you to ask him to return the favor sometime.

Step 6

Give him a smile. An often-referenced study conducted by researchers at the Institute of Psychology at the University of Sao Paulo discovered that smiles "enhanced attractiveness and kindness ratings." Furthermore, grins are contagious, so he'll be more likely to be in a pleasant mood when seeing your smiling -- and approachable -- face.

Step 7

Ask him if he'd like to have a cup of coffee or accompany you to lunch after class. This takes guts, but if he seems interested in getting to know you as well, having the opportunity to talk to him outside of a classroom setting can jump start a new friendship.