What Are Some Sweet Things to Write in a Valentine Card for Your Wife?

by Amber Wright

Flowers, candy and cards are the titans of traditional gifts given to wives on Valentine’s Day. While those gifts are thoughtful, the pre-written messages in greeting cards can also be generic. Showcase your creativity by making your own card or purchasing a blank one and write a heartfelt message to your wife. The extra effort will be beneficial to you both. A study published by the Association of Psychological Science found that partners feel positive emotions such as joy, love and affection when they go out of their way to make sacrifices for their partners.

Love’s Got Everything to Do with It

Written declarations of true love are common on this holiday. Take things a step further by professing your love for her and follow that up by explaining how her love for you has impacted your life. If she has inspired you to be a better person, give specific examples in the ways she has done that. Receiving a personalized, handwritten message directly from your heart to hers will make your wife feel loved and appreciated.

Remember the Time

Reflecting on the past is useful in measuring how far you have come as a couple. Write a short story about an experience you have shared together, such as the first time you kissed, a vacation or when you became parents. You may also describe the moment you knew you had fallen in love with her. Be detailed in sharing how sharing your life with her has made you feel. As an added bonus, try to recreate the experience as your Valentine's Day celebration.

You're On My List

According to Psychology Today, writing down what you love about your mate in a card on Valentine's Day can strengthen your relationship. This is your chance to acknowledge the qualities your wife possesses that you appreciate the most, but you may not often mention. Assemble a list of reasons why she is still the perfect one for you. Mention the things that may surprise her to know you are aware of, such as how she takes the time to leave love notes in the children's lunches.

The Fire is Still Burning

Tell your wife how beautiful she is to you and that you still desire her. In paragraph or list format, describe what makes your wife beautiful in your eyes. If you would like to change things up and exercise creativity, write a brief poem. Be sure to mention things that transcend the outer appearance and highlight her personality, charm and compassion for others. Using words to express how and why the fire is still burning can draw you both closer and enhance intimacy between you.

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