Special Wedding Gifts for Daughters

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It's hard to imagine that a gift can make a wedding even more special, but when you give your daughter a gift from your heart, the joy increases for everyone. Decide on your gift in advance of the wedding so you have enough time to prepare it if necessary or, in the case of jewelry or clothing, to give your daughter the opportunity to wear it at the wedding.

Beautiful Jewelry

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You can't go wrong giving your daughter a necklace, wrist or ankle bracelet, broach or earrings that will work with her wedding dress -- make the gift special by choosing diamonds or other gemstones such as pearls or emeralds. Let your daughter know of the gift when she begins thinking about her dress so that you can go with her to pick out just the right piece. If you also want to give a gift on the wedding day, find a special jewelry box to accompany the jewelry itself.

Heirlooms From the Heart

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If you have a cherished heirloom, the wedding gives you an opportunity to pass it on to your daughter at a time when you both can take pleasure in the gesture. Any type of heirloom works as a gift, including jewelry, furniture, linen, vases, china or even practical items such as an antique sewing machine owned by the bride's grandmother. Think of your daughter's home before giving the gift, and only choose something that will work in her space.

Food-Related Gifts

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Food-related gifts become special when you choose items to last a lifetime or give a gift from your own cooking history. Frame handwritten recipes from favorite foods you have cooked for your family since your daughter was little -- she can hang these on the walls of her kitchen. Give her a set of high-quality pots and pans or a cookbook that she would never be able to afford on her own from her favorite chef, and accompany the gifts with a chic apron.

Personal Gifts

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Personal gifts, reflecting either you or your daughter, make an impact beyond their literal worth. If you quilt, make your daughter a wedding ring design bed or wall quilt, with interlocking circles symbolizing the newlyweds. If you garden, give your daughter a special plant in a gorgeous pot or with a promise to plant it in her yard. Monogrammed gifts rise to a special level when they are ones that will last a lifetime, such as vases, pitchers, silverware or name signs for the front door.