How to Set Up a Scavenger Hunt for Your Wife

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A sufficient scavenger hunt is set up using semi-straightforward clues leading to familiar locations that guide the hunter to a surprise gift. Creating a scavenger hunt for your wife is an exciting way to distribute to her a gift for those romantic holidays or any other special day. She will be very anxious to reveal the surprise you've cleverly hidden and grateful for the time you've taken to create an amorous scavenger hunt.

Choose the length of time you want the hunt to last. Choose a short hunt If your wife is impatient or tends to easily give; short hunts are great to have in one specific place such as your home. Choose a long hunt if your wife enjoys a challenge; long hunts are great to have in multiple settings such as the first place you met, the chapel where you married, and the location of your first date.

Choose a location. If your hunt is short, keep the location in one place, such as your home. If your hunt is long choose multiple locations such as your home, the first place you met, or your backyard garden. If you choose to have a hunt that requires your wife to travel long distances, be sure transportation is available.

Make the difficulty level of the hunt fairly easy. Hunting for something you will never find is not enjoyable for anyone so make sure the clues are specific enough for your wife to understand.

Make notes. The notes are used to direct your wife to clues leading to the surprise you have for her. The minimum amount of notes needed is six for a short scavenger hunt; you don't want her to find the surprise to fast because that will ruin all the fun. An example note reads "Hi honey, I know you had a long day, but I would love if you played a game with me. Check the bed in our bedroom." Proceed by creating other notes such as "Go to the car where you'll find another note," or "Go to the place where we shared our first kiss and you will receive further instruction." For a hunt starting in the morning, make breakfast prior to the time she wakes up and leave the note on her breakfast tray. For a hunt starting in midday, leave the note somewhere that is visible to your wife such as the refrigerator or front door. Place the other notes in the locations where you instructed your wife to search.

Wait until your wife leaves the house before beginning to set up the scavenger hunt. She will more than likely notice that you're up to something if you start setting up before she leaves therefore wait until you are positive she won't return for a couple hours. The key to the scavenger hunt is to surprise your wife.